The biggest city in Andalucia and the heart of traditional Spain where flamenco flourishes. It’s a fantastic city to explore for all things Spanish and is also fantastically located so the famous beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz are just an hour or two away by car. If you’re going to Seville by train and want to pick up a car hire on arrival, this is our guide to collecting a Seville Station car hire. This post will also come in handy if you’re already going to be in Seville and want to pick up a car hire in the city centre for day trips or to head to your next destination.

Do check our our guide to returning a car hire to Seville Station as well. You can also find our guide to collecting a Seville Airport car hire on our sister site at

Seville’s big train station

As Andalucia’s biggest city, it’s no surprise that it’s served by a big train station. You can catch intercity trains to Seville from other parts of Andalucia including Malaga and Jerez de la Frontera. You can even reach Seville by train from Madrid in two and a half hours! And when you arrive in the city, you’ll find yourself at Sevilla Santa Justa (also referred to as Seville Station). From here, you can catch a bus or walk into the city centre easily enough. But if you want to continue your journey with your own set of wheels, no problem – there’s plenty of car hire available from here too!

Front of Sevilla Santa Justa | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

The front of Sevilla Santa Justa

Train platforms | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Train platforms

Car hire at Seville Station

A couple of car hire companies have desks actually inside the train station. They include Avis/Budget and Europcar. But if you head out of the train station onto Avenida Kansas City, you’ll find a few more… HertzSixtEnterpriseGoldcar and Centauro all have cabins in the large car park on Av. Kansas City, which runs along the southern side of the station. Some search tools may offer.

Where are the car hire desks in the station?

If you’re arriving by train, you’ll find that each platform has a moving walkway up to the concourse of the train station. This is where the shops, cafés and the ticket office is. This is also where the car hire desks are. You might actually see the car hire desks as you move up the walkway as they face the platforms amidst a row of shops.

Ramps | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Moving walkways from the platforms to the concourse

Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

You can just make out the Avis & Budget offices on the way up from the platforms

Europcar rental

Europcar | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Europcar at Seville Station

Europcar’s desk is closer to the left hand side near Viajes El Corte Ingles. There are toilets also here. They’re just left of El Corte Ingles.

Avis and Budget car rental

Avis and Budget | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Avis and Budget at Seville Station

The Avis/Budget desk is closer to the middle of this row of shops and services overlooking the platforms.

By the way, if you’re picking up a car hire from here but you’re already in the city, wherever you enter the train station from (the most obvious is the main entrance on Av José Laguillo), walk towards the platforms. The above car hire desks overlook the platforms before the ramps that go down onto the platforms.

Head to the P3 car park on Pablo Iglesias

After you’ve picked up the keys and sorted out your paperwork, if you want to go straight to your car hire, head towards your left as you leave the car hire desk. There are toilets at the far end. For the exit to the car park, walk towards your right once you reach the end (the platforms should be on your right) and you’ll soon see an exit onto Avenida Pablo Iglesias and the P3 car park on your left. Europcar and Avis/Budget car hires are parked in the P3 car park. Once you’ve exited, you’ll see it on your right.

Need something else before you leave the station?

Inside Seville Station | Collecting a Seville Station car hire

Inside Seville Station

Walk further into the station and you’ll find yourself in a big hall with more shops, cafés, ticket counters, a cash machine and a currency exchange desk. There is also a tourist information office but you’ll find this just a few doors down from the car hire desks. It’s worth stopping by if you need to pick up a Seville city map or want any advice on things to do in Andalucia.

From the main hall, there is another exit for Av Pablo Iglesias. Head towards your right after exiting the station for the P3 car park.

Car hire on Av. Kansas City, Seville

It’s an interesting street name for a Spanish city… It’s not even been translated into Spanish to be ‘Avenida Ciudad de Kansas’, which is quite unusual, I think. If you’re like me and curious about why, it’s because Seville is twinned with Kansas City in the US.

>Anyway, Avenida Kansas City is a big street to the station’s south. It runs parallel to Avenida Pablo Iglesias at the other end of the station. After entering the main hall, if you’re facing away from the platforms, then the exit to Av Kansas City is to your left. It’s signposted so you should see it. Alternatively, you could exit out of the main and front entrance of the station and head towards your left.

Hertz and Enterprise car rental

Hertz and Enterprise | Collecting a Seville Station car hire

Hertz and Enterprise on Av. Kansas City

Hertz and Enterprise. Alamo car hires can also be collected at the Enterprise desk.

Sixt car rental

Sixt Car Rental | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Sixt on Av. Kansas City

Goldcar rental

Goldcar | Collecting a Seville Station car hire |

Goldcar on Av. Kansas City

Car hires are located in a big car park that is difficult to miss on Av Kansas City. The car hire cabins are close to the front end of the car park facing av. José Laguillo.