A Coruña Station is the main train station serving A Coruña (also known as La Coruña) on the Galician coast. It’s located about 2kms south of the city centre and is a short walk from the main bus station. A Coruña is well connected with mainline train services to cities in Galicia and central Spain. And key train connections from the city include Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Leon, Madrid and Barcelona. You can also catch a direct train service from A Coruña to Porto and Lisbon in Portugal.

Facilities in the train station include a cafe, toilets, a few shops, a post office, car parking and car hire.

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Whilst the station also has direct train services to other cities on the northern coast of Spain such as Bilbao, it can often be quicker to drive. Having a car is also handy if you’re looking to explore more of the area away from the bigger cities. A Coruña is a great city to base your travels from. As well as boasting several beautiful beaches, the city has a stunning park, which is home to Torre de Hercules, the only working Roman lighthouse in the world.

Beyond the city, other highlights on the Galician coast include Serantes and Barrañan. A little further away, the spectacular Cathedrals beach is worth the hour and a half drive from A Coruña. The beach is famous for its incredible rocky formations carved by the sea.

If you’re already in A Coruña or arriving by train, collecting a car hire from the train station is very convenient. Alternatively, an A Coruña Airport car hire may suit you better if you’re flying into the city. Some car hire suppliers do also offer one-way rentals so just check when you book.

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