Valencia is the capital and biggest city in the Community of Valencia province. It’s also the third biggest city in the country! And it has lots for visitors to enjoy. The fantastical and futuristic architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences is just one of them. Other highlights include Valencia’s wide and long sandy beaches as well as its pretty historic centre. If you’re looking for an interesting city break, Valencia is a great choice. And if you’re arriving or leaving Valencia by train, here’s a quick guide to train stations in Valencia.

Key train stations in Valencia

There are two major train stations in Valencia: Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station (also referred to as Valencia AVE Station as the high-speed AVE train stops at this particular station) and Valencia Estacio del Nord Station (also known, simply as Valencia Nord).

Whilst Valencia Nord is old and rather beautiful, Valencia Joaquin Sorolla is brand spanking new and much less beautiful. However, Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station serves the high-speed AVE line to Madrid. Its facilities also include car hire, which the older station doesn’t. So if you’re looking to collect or drop off a car hire at a train station in Valencia, it’s the brand spanking new station you want.

Shuttle service between the two stations

Shuttle bus between Valencia's two train stations | Valencia Station car hire |

Shuttle bus between the two train stations in Valencia

Conveniently (and possibly a bit confusing too), the two stations are actually just 15 minutes walk away from each other. There is a free shuttle service that you can take to go from one station to the other if you have a valid train ticket.

Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station

Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station | Train stations in Valencia |

Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station is the city’s newer train station and serves the high-speed AVE trains

On arrival at Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station, it’s obvious to see that this is a much more recently built building. It’s nowhere near as extravagantly built or decorated but it does what it needs to and is easy to get around. As well as a few shops and cafés, services they have at the station include cash machines, cafes, shops, toilets, car hire and a tourist information office. There are also left-luggage lockers here too. And as we’ve already noted, you CAN pick up and drop off a car hire at this station. So when booking your car hire and choosing ‘Valencia Station‘ or ‘Valencia AVE Station‘, you’re choosing Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Station.

The station was purposely built to service the high-speed train line and built quickly. This helps explain why it looks pretty basic (or minimalist) compared to the grander Estacio del Nord. The high-speed AVE stops at Requena/Utiel Station and Cuenca Station before stopping at Madrid Atocha Station. Other train services from the station travel to/from Barcelona Franca Station and Alicante Station.

Valencia Estacio del Nord Station

Valencia Estacio del Nord Station | Train stations in Valencia |

Valencia Estacio del Nord Station. Opened in 1917, it’s one of the city’s architectural gems.

The older station, Estacio del Nord (which basically means North Station) opened in 1917.  Listed as a monument, the train station’s distinctive design is a draw for lots of tourists – even when they’re not catching a train. It operates mainly regional and commuter lines to and from Valencia. Because of its fame, it’s easy to mistake Estacio del Nord as being the only train station in Valencia. It’s pretty and definitely worth a look but remember this is not where you can pick up a Valencia Station car hire. It’s also not where you’ll arrive if you’re taking a longer-distance or high-speed train to Valencia.

Routes to and from Estacio del Nord include Alicante, Cartagena, Albacete, Barcelona Franca and Aranjuez. And facilities include cafes, shops and cash machines.

Here are a couple of pictures from inside Estacio del Nord…

Valencia Estacio del Nord Station | Train stations in Valencia |

Inside Valencia Estacio del Nord Station

Valencia Estacio del Nord Station | Train stations in Valencia |

Decorated tiles on ceiling and wall of the station.